Flat Fee Brokerage Services


Below is some basic plans and information on Flat Fee Brokerages, their Services and fees, to put your property on the MLS, without a Realtor for maximum exposure in many websites including Realtor.com. Every City I know of has a Flat Fee Brokerage, but prices may vary somewhat.

It basically works like this:

Plan 30 – Upfront Fee $49.00 – ? Terms: 30 calendar days. Transaction fee $95.00. Does not include a sign. ($35 more for a sign)

Plan A – Upfront Fee $195.00. Terms: 12 months.  Additional Transaction fee $95.00. Includes sign. 

Plan B – Upfront Fee $695.00. Terms: 12 months. Additional transaction fee $95.00. Includes frame and posted sign, and Realtor approved & endorsed security box.

Plan C – No upfront fees. Term: 12 months. 1% of sales price “List Fee” shall be due to Flat Fee Company from seller for listing services, plus any applicable *“Brokerage Fee” if contracted below.  Includes Plan A & B Services. Requires $995.00 early termination fee. In addition to any State required services, Seller agent will – participate on the sellers behalf in scheduling appointments, contract negotiations & contract documentation between seller and buyer broker/agent also includes Realtors approved/endorsed security key-box and added Sign options.

(Usual State Required Service Are: Accept and present offers to seller, Advise seller on offers, Assist seller with preparing and communicating counter offers)

A Brokerage fee is not required to list the property, but is highly recommended as an incentive for MLS licensed members to show the property. 

Unrepresented Buyer referred by the listing Flat Fee Brokerage to receive a referral fee of 1.5% of purchase price.                                                                                                                                     

Unrepresented Buyer found by seller and referred to Seller Agent – 1% referral fee to Broker      

Unrepresented buyer not referred by the brokerage – 1/2% referral fee to Broker